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27 September 2012 @ 04:31 pm
Austria trip day thirteen  
Today was the thirteenth day. Tomorrow is the last full day. We're flying home on Saturday.

I woke up at ten this morning. I thought it was maybe two in the afternoon. I'm already so disoriented in time that the six-hour time change back to Boston probably won't make things much worse. Knowing me, I'll wind up sleeping at ungodly hours and writing truly horrible prose of some sort or other.

Dad gave his speech to the people at the junket. Mum and Isaac and I ate at the free buffet. Hotel food tastes the same in every country I've ever been to.

I wrestled with the internet for a few hours and took a shower. The shower here has a whole row of controls. It's the best shower. I really didn't want to leave it. I wanted to sit in it all day. Sadly, sitting in a shower for hours at a time is not practical.

Mum, Isaac, and I ate lunch at a restaurant with big statues of grapes outside it. They would not make sandwiches without dressing and tomato sauce, so I had a croissant. I'm pretty sure the only things I've eaten on this trip have been pastries, bread, pasta, and pizza. Lovely.

After lunch, we met up with Dad in the hotel room and then drove around Wörthersee, the lake that we're staying near. We passed a 12th-century church and then stopped at the Pyramidenkogel observation tower. It's 54 meters tall and on top of a mountain, so you could see for miles. Literal miles. Look at this shit.


Then we drove back and had Italian food for dinner (again) and now I'm going to work on the stupid fantasy novel parody cover I've been making. She is a thing of glory. Trust me.

where am i?: ludicrous suite
mood: frustratedfrustrated
music: Tone Poem--Fischerspooner